Virtual CFO

virtual cfo

Hiring a full-time, experienced finance professional is a strenuous task

We enable your business for strategic and sustainable growth and realize the vision by bridging the gap between best-in-class talent and affordability with virtual CFOs taking accountability for your finance function.

Constraints organizations usually face are

Inefficient operations
Commercially unviable
Not scalable
No accountability

Service Areas

MIS Dashboards

Providing insightful reports and improving necessary processes.

Implement a robust MIS for record-keeping and examining important financial and strategic indicators in your organisation. Our virtual CFOs create intuitive dashboards after critically analysing your financial and business frameworks. Through these dashboards, we empower you to create comprehensive reports for better decision-making. Simultaneously, our virtual CFOs establish internal processes and controls to produce timely and accurate reports.
Cash Flow Management

Managing liquidity and maximising free cash flow.

Streamline your business operations with consistent cash flow management and mitigate potential risks. Our virtual CFOs study your current financial position, including your assets, liabilities, risks, and liquidity. Based on their assessment, they put best practices into action so that you can effectively manage your cash flow and avoid hampering business continuity. By managing your receivables and payables, our virtual CFOs can anticipate opportunities and challenges and keep processes in check.

Top and Bottom Line Improvement

Improving financial indicators and driving growth.

Steer your company towards profitability with our financial experts who minutely scrutinise various factors that influence your top and bottom line. Changes in the top line are generally due to factors such as client-wise profitability, market positioning, and competitive pricing. On the other hand, your bottom line is affected by factors like interest rates, taxation, and inflation. You can rely on our virtual CFOs to analyse each facet in-depth and catapult your business to success.

Accounting Systems

Analysing accounting procedures and implementing controls.

Drive sustainable growth with strong accounting policies and procedures with expert guidance from our virtual CFOs. Having robust internal standards and frameworks significantly boosts organisational efficiency and eases the managerial burden. Having worked with clients from different domains, our professionals can help you understand existing gaps and establish accounting processes that suit your specific business needs.

Internal Controls

Implementing control systems and improving operational capabilities.

Improve organisation-wide risk management by establishing and implementing internal controls through our critical assessment of your accounting frameworks. It is vital to ensure the integrity of all financial data in the company is maintained, so decisions bolster growth. Our virtual CFOs will establish internal controls and standards while stakeholder confidence remains intact.

Review Meetings

Analysing key performance metrics and driving expansion.

Discuss and examine your company’s performance by regularly interacting with our team. We conduct periodic review meetings with your leadership team to apprise them of financial performance and growth metrics. We also analyse important reports and MIS to facilitate better decision-making. Our virtual CFOs emphasize uninterrupted two-way communication to meet your expectations.

Benefits You Get with Us

100+ Clients Served

Get unparalleled expertise from our team that has successfully delivered results for over 100 clients since inception. We are committed to maintaining high standards for our services and driving measurable growth.

Worked in 20+ Industries

Drive progress with professionals that have global exposure and knowledge spanning 20 industries. You can get an informed perspective on niche issues and industry-specific processes.

10 Years of Success

Partner with a team that has over a decade of experience in optimising business performance and adding value to leading organisations. Numerous success stories bear testimony to our result-oriented approach.

100+ Team Size

Meet business objectives with guidance from our senior management who are ably supported by over 100 members from diverse backgrounds. Their collective experience helps you realise your business goals.

On-demand CFO Services

On-demand CFO Services

Enhance your company’s financial performance with our on-demand CFOs who understand, analyse and drive operations. They collaborate with your team and take complete charge of your financial management.

Elite Ecosystem of Finance Talent

Engage with world-class finance professionals from across the globe that have demonstrated their ability to deliver high-value work. Our extensive human resource pool can be accessed at competitive rates.

We trust in the latest tools & technology

to provide global connectivity, and immersive access to real-time data and updates for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are outsourced CFO services?

An outsourced CFO is an expert who gives budgetary system benefits on low maintenance or task premise. An outsourced CFO can, likewise, enable an organisation to determine difficulties. For example, income issues, settling tight edges, executing increasingly effective frameworks, or planning for development.

Is my company big enough for a virtual CFO?

If you need to develop your business and grow it the right way, you need a virtual CFO who can direct you through the vital arranging process and recognise clear substantial objectives to be accomplished.

How do you take accountability?

The buck stops at the CFO partner. The CFO service partner assumes full accountability for activities mentioned in the proposal.

How will you work with our team?

The Company Team and our CFO Service Team work together under the leadership of the CFO partner.

What are retainer CFO rates?

Based on our experience, it has been demonstrated in the past that our cost is significantly lower than hiring an entire team or engaging with big consulting firms or hiring a full-time in-house CFO.

What industries do you specialise in?

We are industry agnostic, whereas our virtual CFO partners have experience across all major industries.

How often do you visit our office?

Since we are based in India, we usually meet our clients on a video call.  The frequency of the same depends on the proposal but, on average, meetings happen once a week.

How do you ensure continuity?

We have an excellent team of CFOs, CAs and MBAs. Our experienced team ensures continuity all the time.

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