Assurance &
Business Advisory

Assurance & Business Advisory

Operational inefficiencies inhibit business advancement

At Brivan, we partner with you to support your long-term growth by providing tailored insights and promoting stakeholder confidence.

Constraints organizations usually face are

Low profitability
Time delays
Reduced margins
Duplicated effort

Service Areas

Statutory Audits

Compliance supported by system driven management reporting and sound accounting practices.

Statutory Audit is one of our core competences through our group company KJAG & Associates’ (CA Firm). The Audit team at Brivan have over 5 decades of cumulative audit experience and bring on table – knowledge, processes & procedures from the Big4’s in India and Internationally. The Global experience and expertise in the field not only helps assure compliance per statute, but also provide clients with valuable insights with regards to the management issues that can help address both present and future business challenges.

Statutory and Financial Certifications

Issuing various certifications and meeting regulatory standards.

Achieve high-quality, accurate financial information along with financial and statutory certifications through our team of experts. KJAG and Associates, can assist you with certifications related to fixed assets, annual and periodic turnover, foreign remittances, indirect tax refunds and ministry-related utilisation certifications.

Financial Due Diligence

Assessing the company’s financial health and eliminating risks.

Get valuable information about underlying challenges in your investment decisions through our exceptional expertise in carrying out financial due diligence. This process is essential for generating returns on your investment domestically and internationally. With meticulous insights and thoughtful strategies, you can make better, dependable decisions at every step.

ICFR/SOPS Development

Assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting and the preparation of financial statements for external purposes.

Enhance operational capabilities and fuel sustainable growth by developing and executing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Risk Control Matrices with our team of experts.

Internal Audits

Driving efficiencies while continuously assessing emerging and evolving risks

Internal Audit is more than an enterprise-wide engine of assurance. Done right, it acts as a catalyst for creating value for your business. Our internal audit professionals support clients by bringing a transformative approach to identifying, assessing, and monitoring risks and controls.

Service Areas

Tax Structuring & Planning

Managing complex tax systems and building sustainable strategies.

Drive significant improvement in your bottom line with our meaningful tax planning and structuring advice. Our services are designed to ensure that you meet regulatory requirements and tax obligations like GST, income tax and more. Our professionals make use of their diverse experience to implement sound compliance, financial accounting, and reporting standards to help you achieve your business goals.

Business Valuations

Providing expertise on valuation matters and facilitating better decision-making.

Access our extended network of valuation professionals that have a proven record of furnishing independent assessments based on advanced data analytics and modelling tools. Robust valuations are vital for navigating market dynamics and fulfilling regulatory and accounting needs. Our industry specialists render key services in accordance with prevailing standards that help you reach a fair decision about price and value and apprise you of the underlying risks.


Setting up a strong finance function and enhancing reporting accuracy

Get trusted advice on accounting processes with our careful monitoring of financial and non-financial information. Our wide range of services help you adhere to established accounting regulations, strengthen reporting processes, and achieve greater organisation-wide transparency. We are committed to driving success through our proven methodologies and multidisciplinary approach.

Financial Reporting

Ensuring sound financial reporting and settling complex accounting issues.

 With ever-changing economic environments and heightened stakeholder expectations, accurate financial reporting is indispensable for any company.Optimally structure your accounting processes and streamline financial reporting with our thorough planning and knowledge of sector-specific regulations. Our team provides dedicated support for planning and adopting new accounting processes and helps in sharing useful information with stakeholders.

Management Reporting

Extracting key accounting insights and bettering company performance.

Establish dependable management reporting processes to fully utilise your company’s financial potential. We are experienced at building and strengthening accounting processes across industries that bolster internal efficiency. Our systems enable you to align with international financial reporting standards and bring vital financial and non-financial performance indicators to the forefront. From the initial analysis to the implementation of reporting solutions, we establish the path to help you meet your business objectives.

Systems Reviews

Reviewing financial systems and examining controls.

Deduce the efficiency of your financial controls and compliance with applicable regulations through our in-depth review of accounting systems. Our services help you ascertain if your financial statements act in accordance with internal standards and if associated risks are well-covered. Based on our assessment, we help you implement internal controls to ensure seamless functionality.

Benefits You Get with Us

Effectiveness of Risk Management

Identify and respond to many risks by implementing our innovative risk management practices. You can deliver more value to your stakeholders and achieve strategic goals.

Quality Systems and Processes in Place

Achieve operational efficiency and prowess with our independent, forward-looking recommendations. We identify new opportunities to help you improve internal processes and organisational performance.

Increased Transparency, Relevance, and Value of Information

Create long-term value for your business with our data-driven approach, rich analysis, and reporting transparency. We share relevant insights that assist you in making informed decisions and navigating risk.

A Different Perspective to Look at Problems

Drive transformation through our dynamic and innovative solutions to business challenges. Our independent assessment allows us to view problems through a new lens and deliver a broader value proposition.

We trust in the latest tools & technology

to provide global connectivity, and immersive access to real-time data and updates for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the audit take?

The length of an audit is dependent on the scale, nature and complexity of the systems, processes and controls in place. An audit can vary in length from around a week to a few months and involves planning, fieldwork, and reporting stages. We can provide a firmer indication of timing during our formal engagement, planning and scoping process. This is where we sit down with key people involved to define the scope and requirements of the audit.

How might I be involved, and what will I have to do?

There are fundamental steps in the audit process, and each stage requires slightly different input. For example, we might request information in the lead time up to a consultation meeting with you to help us better understand your risks and policies. Following on from this, we might need to meet with you to discuss the key processes and identification of controls. We may ask you for some further information or details supporting the current procedures or to support the transactions we are testing. We will also meet with you to discuss or explain findings and recommendations from the audit before issuing any report.

I'm worried we've got some serious issues to address; what should I do?

If you would like to talk to one of the team, we will be more than happy to help. Contact us by phone or email, and we can assist you in understanding the extent of your concerns and provide guidance on preparing an action plan or improving controls to address your risks.

What do you generally cover with an audit?

It will largely depend on the scope of the audit. We customise audits to the organisation we’re working to serve. For example, the review can cover compliance against external legislation, regulations or internal policies. The audit can cover the design and operation of processes and controls to support effectiveness and efficiency. Ultimately, the aim is to identify opportunities to improve business processes to support organisation goals.

How disruptive will the audit be?

We try our best to keep any disruption to a minimum by organising meetings at a mutually convenient time and spending plenty of time explaining the process up front so we can all prepare and work through any critical timing or operational challenges.

What happens if you find any severe issues?

We have a no surprises audit approach. We will discuss issues with you as they are identified. We can guide actions to remediate the identified risks and assist you in developing appropriate time frames to address findings.

Reports are provided to the Executive Committee, and the Risk Committee, and these reports will include the agreed actions and time frames to improve the internal controls.

How confidential is the process?

Any records, documents or information we obtain during our activities are used solely for the audit or review. All documents are securely filed with access control. The Director, Assurance Services must approve any access to Internal Audit’s engagement records and access requests from any external parties must be approved by senior management and/or Legal Counsel.

Who gets to see the results?

Reports are provided to you and your Executive. The final reports are presented to the Executive Committee and the Risk Committee.
The External Auditor may also review the report as far as it impacts their audit process.

How can you manage business finances?

The most appropriate way to manage business finances is by employing an expert, which, in this case, is an accountant. Below is a list of the reasons why your business needs an accountant:

  • Optimal structure
  • Minimise your tax bill
  • Best accounting software
  • Smarter cash flow management
  • Budgeting and spending
  • Review, forecast, and plan
  • Revenue growth
  • Set goals and benchmarks
What financial information do investors need?

When considering making a financial commitment, there is a substantial amount of critical financial information that investors look at closely. This is similar to investing in small businesses, SMEs, or large-scale corporations. The financial information required to make an informed decision includes, and is not limited to, net profit, sales, earnings and revenue growth, operating expenses, debt, and cash flow trends.

What does a business advisor do?

A business advisor does more than just look at financial records. As part of our Business Advisory service, an expert will analyse all aspects of an organisation to identify problems, recognise potential risks, and capitalise on opportunities. This includes strategy, marketing, human resource, technology, and operations.

Once completed, we will provide you with specific recommendations and how to implement them best. Moreover, we will work alongside you to monitor, review, and make any necessary changes to help secure your financial future. So speak to one of our experts today.

What is the first goal of financial management?

The answer to this will be different for each business and will depend on the stage of the business life cycle that your business is in and the overarching business goals. Profit maximisation is often the primary goal of most businesses, but other goals may include minimising risk, cutting costs, improving efficiency, branding, expansion, or acquisition. In any event, the objective of financial management is to help facilitate and achieve a business’s core goals.

What strategic inputs can I get?

There are two broad types.

Management Accounting: Provides the processes and procedures that create reports to aid management in strategic decision-making.

Management Reporting: Includes reports, KPIs and scorecards used by the management to monitor performance, track against plans and make decisions to increase profitability.

What sort of questions will management reports give me?

The management reports can help you with the following.

  • Are you pricing your jobs right?
  • Which clients are most profitable?
  • Where should I spend marketing dollars on growing my sales?
  • How much can I afford to spend on customer acquisition?
  • How can I improve operations to reduce expenses?

Empowered by answers, you can confidently make data-driven decisions and enjoy positive results,, including significant financial savings and reduced business costs.

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