Assurance and Business Advisory

Assurance and Advisory

We offer comprehensive assurance and advisory services combining statutory, internal and stock audits, certifications and documentation. Explore more below and reach out to us to talk to our specialist.

Statutory Audits

  • Our Associate CA Firm KJAG & Associates is formed by Big 4 experienced Chartered Accountants, Statutory Audit being the core competence.
  • We bring in the experience and expertise to ensure that these audits not only help assure compliance as per statute, but also provide you with important insights with regards to the management issues that can help you address both present and future business challenges
  • The focus is towards compliance supported by system driven management reporting and sound accounting practices.

Statutory and Financial Certifications

Our Associate CA Firm KJAG & Associates, has the expertise and experience for ensuring quality and accuracy in issuing various financial information, legal and statutory certifications such as:


  • Fixed Assets
  • Ministry related Utilization Certificates
  • Foreign Remittances
  • Annual/Periodic Turnover
  • Indirect Tax Refunds
  • Compliance with RBI Circular 32

Financial Due Diligence

  • The financial due diligence process is one of the most crucial part of any transaction.
  • We hold the relevant expertise in the area.
  • We aim at providing the relevant information to the decision makers to make sound investment decisions.
  • Our aim is to enable entrepreneurs and decision makers to make sound investment decisions with great confidence at every stage. We aim at eliminating the risk and potential flaws of investing at domestic and international locations.

Stock Audits

  • Maintaining highest standards of confidentiality, we provide an independent assurance on the existence and valuation of the stock which is of significant importance to the management and the bankers for an assessment of the asset performance.
  • We have the expertise and teams to enable multi location stock audits across the Country.
  • As a large number of companies are operating across the borders through multiple locations and channel partners, making asset management a challenge. We aim at delivering focused services to companies to keep their physical assets check intact.

ICFR/ SOPs Development

  • Developing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) has become a mandatory sustainable requirement of all businesses today.
  • Standard Operating Procedures describe how processes execute as well as detailing the roles and resources that are involved in a particular process
  • The latest regulations on Internal Control on Financial Reporting (ICFR) make it even more relevant to develop these SOPs and Risk Control Matrices.
  • We have a team of experts with experience of delivering these assignments for various MNCs.

Internal Audits

  • Internal Audit is more than an enterprise-wide engine of assurance. Done right, it acts as a catalyst for creating value for your business.
  • We offer flexible, scalable, sophisticated solutions to address the organization and industry specific needs.

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