Business Setup &

Our team of experts can guide you in adhering to establishment deadlines and fulfilling statutory requirements.


Brivan’s staffing services offer flexibility and cost-saving while giving you access to the best global accounting talent.

Business Setup &

Our team of experts can guide you in adhering to establishment deadlines and fulfilling statutory requirements.

Our Staffing Services

Offshore Staffing

Maximise productivity and decrease labour costs by up to 60% by employing our experienced offshore staff for bookkeeping, accounting and other specialists.

offshore staffing

Benefits You Get with Us

Access to Global Talent

Gain a competitive edge by working with top-quality talent through our global pool that can fulfil your specific needs.

Decreased Time and Cost Investment

Reduce your human resource and management burden by engaging with dedicated workers at a fraction of the cost.

Continuity in Operations

Ensure round-the-clock business operations by hiring our overseas staff working in a different time zone than yours.

New Growth Opportunities

Explore expansion opportunities by scaling offshore staffing when required without investing in physical infrastructure or fixed labour costs.

Improved Efficiency

Free up your internal human resources and focus on high-priority work by delegating routine tasks to our offshore staff.

Retain Control and Accountability

Manage and maintain the performance quality of your offshore staff through regular communication and feedback loops.

Our Engagement Models

Our models are precisely suited for the services and help define the relationship with our clients. Choosing the correct engagement model can be crucial, and we’ve determined them to reflect the range of requirements and give you greater control.

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A flat fee is charged based on a predefined output and project requirements.

Offshore Staffing Packages

Explore our staffing packages customised to suit your business requirements


We trust in the latest tools & technology

Why Choose Us?


In-house team of professionals


Extended network team


Industries Served

$1.1 B

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Clients Served: Consulting


Clients Served: Business Setup & Compliance

How to Get Started

Initial Discussion

The approach is to understand your needs better so we can send suitable candidates for interviews and approval.

  1. Virtual Meetings to discuss specific requirements
  2. Understand client requirements
  3. Recruit and interview t as per client requirement
  4. Screen the candidate
  5. Send the filtered candidate for client interview
  6. Hire (basis clients approval) & train
initial discussion - staffing service process

The remote staff logs into your computer through secure credentials and relays any files via email or FTP.

  1. The remote staff logs into the organization’s computer by secure login ID and password and logs out after work is complete. The data stays inside your office even though the staff works remotely.
  2. Remote staff can securely log in and finish the work without downloading and repeatedly uploading when files are on cloud-based services.
  3. Files are shared with your remote staff through emails or FTP. Resource finishes the work and shares files back when they’re complete
accessibility - staffing service process
Commence Operations

Work starts at the backend with updates at regular intervals. The login credentials are shared for real-time viewing.

  1. Initiation of work at the backend
  2. Sending regular updates
  3. User ID and password are shared with clients for real-time updates
Commence operation - staffing service process

The offshore employee shares their timesheet at regular intervals with their supervisor for feedback and adaptive improvement.

  1. Remote Staff shares their timesheet with their supervisors at the client end at the required frequency.
feedback - staffing service process
Regular Communication

Regular meetings are held for better communication and task management, ensuring progress and quick query resolution.

  1. Meetings are conducted regularly. Task progress is directly communicated with the Remote Staff as they work under the firm’s control.
  2. Periodic review meetings through live chats or conference calls could help you review the assigned tasks and the corresponding progress. It also helps give new instructions and resolve all the queries.
communication - staffing service process

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