Brivan helps you manage your funds efficiently by analysing existing and new investment opportunities and restructuring options.


Brivan helps you manage your funds efficiently by analysing existing and new investment opportunities and restructuring options.

Our Investment Services

Treasury Management

Mitigate risks to your company’s financial health with our services focused on liquidity and cash management of your business.


Optimise your investment goals and utilise idle funds better through our data-driven approach and domain expertise.

Benefits You Get with Us

Optimise Business Liquidity

Fulfil operating requirements and manage contingencies by achieving requisite liquidity with our planning.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce potential financial and reputational risks with the help of our continuous finance assessments and strategic investment suggestions.

Improve Overall Financial System

Boost your company’s financial efficiency by earning additional income through investments, allowing for increased profitability.

Maximise Return on Available Cash

Find the best-suited investment policy to help you maximise gains against your investments.

Focus on Core Operations

Concentrate on critical tasks by delegating investment and fund management responsibilities to our experienced professionals.

Our Engagement Models

Our models are precisely suited for the services and help define the relationship with our clients. Choosing the correct engagement model can be crucial, and we’ve determined them to reflect the range of requirements and give you greater control.

Time Cost Model

Pricing is calculated on the basis of the level, type, and total hours devoted by Brivan’s professionals.

Trading Model

Applicable only in the case of fixed income securities, Brivan facilitates the buying and selling process on behalf of your business, in exchange for reasonable margins.

Brokerage Model

Applicable for fixed deposits and mutual funds. A commission is charged for the placement and distribution of these assets on behalf of your business.


We trust in the latest tools & technology

Why Choose Us?


In-house team of professionals


Extended network team


Industries Served

$1.1 B

Under Fixed Asset Management


Clients Served: Consulting


Clients Served: Business Setup & Compliance

How to Get Started

Initial Discussion

Initially, we understand your investment goals and share our processes to ensure clarity.

  1. Meeting to discuss specific requirements
  2. Understand Purpose for Investment/ Goals
  3. Explain the process
Advisory Services

Our consulting team devises an investment strategy, and post-approval, the R&D team identifies diversified investment opportunities based on your risk profiling.

  1. The consulting team engages and devises an Investment Strategy
  2. The investment strategy is approved by the client
  3. Activate the R&D team for analyzing – identifying opportunities and providing the best possible investment options
Feedback and Proposal

The identified investment options are shared, a final proposal is created after incorporating feedback.

  1. Identified investment options shared with the clients
  2. Client feedback is incorporated
  3. Approval of final proposal
Commence Operations

After KYC, the investment strategy is executed, and login credentials are shared for real-time portfolio updates.

  1. KYC for all new clients
  2. Creation of clients in internal ERP
  3. Initiation process for the chosen investment options
  4. User ID and password shared with clients for real-time updates and tracking of portfolio
Regular Communication

Apart from regular meetings to monitor progress, sessions are scheduled to assess changing market conditions.

  1. Follow-up meeting according to the market conditions.
  2. Meeting at regular intervals to discuss progress on problems.

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