Gain access to skilled professionals by outsourcing complete or a part of your financial and accounting functions, enabling savings on time and cost.


Gain access to skilled professionals by outsourcing complete or a part of your financial and accounting functions, enabling savings on time and cost.

Business Setup &

Our team of experts can guide you in adhering to establishment deadlines and fulfilling statutory requirements.

Brivan’s Outsourcing Services

Cloud Accounting

Drive better business results and gain superior insights with our accounting tools, processes, and expertise.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Bookkeeping

Transition seamlessly to technology that removes inefficiencies and gives you greater control over your financial records as you scale.

Cloud Bookkeeping

Accounts Receivable & Payable

Increase efficiency in your cash flow management. Our processes will help you run your business approach efficiently and increase profitably.

Accounts Receivable & Payable

Benefits You Get with Brivan

Cost Savings

Our quality accounting services reduce your overall costs (recruiting, hiring, training, physical infrastructure and others) by at least 50%, allowing you to allocate more funds to core business operations.

Scalable Solution

Our dynamic services are structured to be scalable to match your growth and business needs.

Expertise with Technology

With our domain expertise and technological proficiency, we empower you to improve your company’s financial health.

Data Security and Privacy

Our private servers eliminate data security and privacy risks to ensure business continuity and quick disaster recovery.

Extended Team

We work as an extension of your team and relieve you of the hassle of training and managing accounting staff. 

A Complete Solution

Brivan helps you allow for more efficient processes by deploying solutions that match your business requirements.

Our Engagement Models

Our models are precisely suited for the services and help define the relationship with our clients. Choosing the correct engagement model can be crucial, and we’ve determined them to reflect the range of requirements and give you greater control.

outsourced bookkeeping accounting package


A flat fee is charged based on a predefined output and project requirements.

Bookkeeping Packages

Explore our bookkeeping packages customised to suit your business requirements


We trust in the latest tools & technology

Why Choose Us?


In-house team of professionals


Extended network team


Industries Served

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Clients Served: Business Setup & Compliance

How to Get Started

Initial Discussion

The introductory meeting helps us understand your requirements, set up, and define the role that we can play.

  1. Meeting to discuss specific requirements
  2. Evaluate the current set-up
  3. Discuss the fee structure
  4. No minimum commitment and no fixed contracts
  5. Discuss software usage and access issues
accounting process
Trial Job

The trial is conducted with an initial set of queries, enabling your accountant to understand the processes and possible responses.

  1. Ensure Accountant understands the processes
  2. Confirm partners/ Department primary stakeholders’ buy-in
  3. Start trial job
  4. Back office to send initial queries
  5. Accountant response to queries
  6. Job completed and delivered
trial job - accounting process

The next step involves discussing the outcome of the trial job with your accountant and feedback on what is delivered.

  1. Trial job to be received by Accountant
  2. Work executed and delivered to the QC team after relevant reviews.
  3. Brivan to discuss the outcome of a trial job with the client
feedback - accounting process
Commence Operations

The processes are streamlined over 2–3 months with regular feedback from your accountant on the work given to the back office.

  1. Regular work sent out to back office by Accountant
  2. Regular feedback given on jobs
  3. Process streamlined over a 2 to 3-month cycle
  4. A pool of teams used initially
  5. If the workflow increases, then a dedicated team will be provided where required
Commence Operations
Regular Communication

We work closely with you and review tasks at regular intervals. We are equipped to fulfil any additional requirements with ease of scalability.

  1. A follow-up meeting to discuss additional business requirements
  2. Meeting at regular intervals to discuss progress on ongoing jobs
Regular Communication

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We have proved our merit by timely completing projects for leading companies.

Our industry experts provide customised solutions to meet a company’s specific needs.

Brivan Consultants is a one-stop professional financial consulting and management firm.

Virtual CFO?

Brivan makes experienced financial professionals accessible for sound business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs can be outsourced?

It can either be a complete accounting function or a part of it, such as bookkeeping, AR and AP.

Despite being a medium-sized or small company, can I outsource?

Outsourcing allows you to get more done and trust important tasks and processes to professionals in a significant way, without having to actually grow your full-time, in-house team.

We are a small company. how will outsourcing accounts add value to what we are doing?

It is a fact that it’s harder to hire, train and manage staff that can provide the level of expertise that is needed in the early stages of a business. This is when accounting, bookkeeping and financial operations need to move to a better-suited platform for financial intelligence. This implies an intelligence that can support your decisions, help you focus on core activities, and drive business growth.

When does outsourcing need to be done? OR When is the right time to outsource?

A company should outsource when it needs to focus on its critical business needs. Adding people to your team to take on responsibilities that do not form a part of your core business can be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive, while also limiting your business growth.

Will I lose control over my business if I partner with a specialist to handle my business processes?

The simple answer is no. The control of your business will always stay with you and an outsourcing specialist will serve as a partner to aid in your business functions. They will carry out the outsourced functions according to the structure and rules that you lay out at the beginning of your business relationship. At the end of the day, specialist partners act as an ally to enable your business to grow further and succeed in its endeavours. They will not have the final say in your business decisions or strategies.

How will outsourcing help me in saving my time?

Recruitment, hiring, training, supervising, and managing resources is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. By outsourcing, you are saving on all this time and focusing on other important, core activities of your business.

Are there any cost benefits as well?

Absolutely — you save at least 50% in costs. Typically, you would have to spend money on hiring, employee benefits, overheads, training, cost of turnover waste, technology, software, and other administrative expenses. By outsourcing, you relieve yourself of these burdens and get to invest money where it is better suited.

Are your engagement models flexible enough to accommodate on-demand service?

We are as dynamic as your business and can ramp up and ramp down resources on request. You will only pay for the services you avail of and will not have any other commitments.

How will the data be protected against hackers, viruses, and electrical disruptions?

We are committed to a secure client experience and network architects are mandated with protecting the data against hackers, viruses, and electrical disruptions.

Does the company charge a startup fee?

No, the company does not charge any startup fee.