Treasury Management

treasury management

Cash flow can be unsustainable without a management system to your business’ finances

Brivan helps you manage your funds, investments, working capital, assets and other holdings to improve your company’s financial health and ensure sustainable growth.

Constraints organizations usually face are

Inefficient liquidity management
Inefficient liquidity management
Poor risk management
Poor risk management
improper investment
Improper investments
Unoptimised cash flow
Unoptimised cash flow

Service Areas

Daily Funds

Preparing the daily fund statement to identify the gross investable idle funds.

- Vendor Payments forecasted over the next two working days
- Cheques Issued but not presented as on date
- Stale Cheques as on date
- Cancelled Cheques or payments reversed for the period

Contingency Funds

Maintaining a contingency fund to mitigate liquidity risk and ensure the availability of cash reserves.

- To mitigate liquidity risk and to ensure complete adequacy of funds, a cash reserve is maintained to meet any contingent payments and developments which had not been forecasted or planned earlier.

- This reserve is based on management’s estimate of the general fund estimated to be maintained as a contingency reserve.

- This reserve is maintained in the form of actual cash in the bank at all times and is provided for in the preparation of the Daily Fund Statement as prepared above.

Identifying Investments

Identifying the most viable investment alternatives through banks or institutions offering the highest rates of return.

- Investment in fully secure and AAA-rated institutions/banks
- Availability of funds as and when required


Monitoring the investment portfolio regularly to ascertain its performance.

- The investment portfolio is monitored regularly to ascertain the performance of the fund.

- This is supported by weekly reporting platforms and accounting updates.

- All the regular fund requirements which exceed the actual cash available with the bank are met out of the maturity proceeds of the investment portfolio.

Benefits You Get with Us

Cost Containment

Get tailored strategies and insights to meet your financial goals with our high-quality services at competitive prices. We assist you in managing your company’s cash and liquidity for better risk management based on market factors.

Regular Monitoring

Make informed decisions with our regular monitoring of your working capital and identifying potential investment opportunities that will enable you to mitigate risks. This also helps in identifying idle funds and how they can be best used.

Optimised Strategy

Access best-in-class experts and find reliable solutions to meet your short-term and long-term corporate financial goals. We create and execute a customised investment strategy that allows your portfolio to remain sufficiently liquid and meet operating requirements.

KPI-driven Goals

Significantly improve your decision-making process with our result-oriented approach that outlines various KPIs and financial performance goals that will emerge from proper treasury management. Through regular reporting, we ensure that you remain in control of your funds.

Expertise and Experience

Get invaluable advice to streamline your business finances from our team of professionals that has many years of experience working across industries. They understand the criticality of treasury management and implement suitable processes for financial gains.

30+ Clients

Work with a team that has successfully assisted over 30 renowned clients and helped them improve their cash flow and investment returns. We have a holistic range of services and align our strategies with your goals to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Our Engagement Models

time cost engagement model

Time cost

Pricing is calculated on the basis of the level, type, and total hours devoted by Brivan’s professionals.

We trust in the latest tools & technology

to provide global connectivity, and immersive access to real-time data and updates for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is treasury management?

Treasury management is an umbrella term which encompasses several functions involved in managing an enterprise’s holdings. The ultimate goal of treasury management is to optimise financial liquidity, minimise risk, and drive value creation.

In a nutshell, treasury management is there to ensure that the business always has access to the cash required to operate and uses surplus cash efficiently.

Is treasury management the same as cash management?

Treasury management and cash management are two terms which are sometimes used interchangeably – particularly by smaller enterprises – but do perform separate functions. Cash management is narrower in scope than treasury management and only deals with maximising the amount of available cash at any given time.

What is the difference between centralised and decentralised treasury departments?

Centralised and decentralised treasury departments refer to the level of autonomy each regional branch of an enterprise has in handling its treasury operations.

In a centralised model, all of the treasury operations of the different regional branches of a multinational company are controlled by a central location – usually the headquarters of the business.

In a decentralised model, each branch has its treasury department and controls its finances. Each model comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

How does treasury management help with commercial receivables?

Treasury management eases the tedious task of collecting and processing payments. ACH receivables can collect funds from your customers, quickly and securely. Remote deposit capture allows check deposits to be scanned and deposited securely at any time of the day. Large volumes of cash can also be safely deposited, counted, logged, and secured. Lockbox services allow customers to remit payments to a special P.O. box, so they can be deposited directly into your commercial account. Merchant services enable the processing of customer credit and debit card payments.

Does treasury management help with commercial payables?

Treasury management services allow businesses to make secure and on-time payments. ACH payments save time for one-time or recurring payments to employees, vendors, or other payments. Secure online wires can be used to transfer funds. Additionally, business credit cards can help with employee spending and turn business costs into rewards.

Can treasury management assist with commercial cash management?

If you are overwhelmed by monitoring the ebb and flow of cash, treasury management provides nimble cash management via online banking, mobile apps, and sweep accounts. It’s a smart and nimble way for businesses to maintain liquidity and mitigate risk.

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