Jitendra Kumar

Chartered Accountant, Partner

Overall, I take great pride in seeing our clients scale and assist them with both compliance and transactional activities, which can ultimately be transformative to the business and its owners.


I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2013 and started my professional practice, which continued for five years before joining KJAG and associates, a group company of Brivan Consultants, in 2019.

I have extensive experience across numerous industrial sectors, namely IT, technology, hospitality, real estate, charities, and start-ups. Also, I have vast experience in filing various returns and preparing balance sheets, including income tax, TDS, GST, statutory, and tax audits. I have helped more than 5000 individual clients file their income tax returns and helped more than 2000 clients prepare their balance sheets.

I am experienced in litigation and have prepared many reports to assist the income tax department in litigation disputes. I have also appeared in many hearings as a legal representative. I have served several clients in the real estate, trading (online and offline), advertisement and media sectors.

Brivan Consultants and Group Companies

As a partner in KJAG, I am responsible for providing clients with strategic accountancy advice, helping them develop their business or ensuring tax-efficient compliances.

I am also a tax consultant for the last 4 years at Brivan Consultants Private Limited, also a
group company of Brivan Consultants.


  • Business Strategy, Growth and Advisory
  • Financial Statement Preparations
  • Various Audits
  • Local Taxation
  • Accountancy
  • Business Registrations
  • Litigation

Services Covered

  • Assurance and Business Advisory
  • Management Reporting
  • Business Structuring

“I understand that for many clients a lot of my service focus areas can be fairly
complex. I always get to know my clients’ objectives so that I can offer simple, pragmatic and bespoke solutions for their specific needs.”


Jitendra Kumar

Co-Founder, Partner


Audit, Taxation & Management Consulting