Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

Inefficient accounting can lead to profitability challenges

Brivan brings together client-centric, technology-powered accounting processes and experienced professionals to consistently provide reliable accounting data.

Constraints organizations usually face are

High administration cost
High error rate due to manual processes
Scalability issues
High employee cost

Service Areas

General Bookkeeping

Keeping a complete record of financial transactions to manage cash flows effectively and measure company performance.

- Recording Debit and Credit Entry
- Maintaining General Ledgers
- Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations

Accounts Receivable Management

Implementing a proper receivable management process to ensure sufficient cash and unhindered operations.

- Invoice creations as per the products/service delivery and Estimates
- Invoice update onto the systems
- Updating advances in addition to receipts against credit sales, etc
- Preparation of account statements and updating clients for reconciliation

Accounts Payable Management

Managing payable obligations of a company to help it achieve financial stability and maintain a strong reputation.

- Accounting system updates based on the purchase order, Bills and goods receipt notes
- Vendors bills posting onto the accounting system
- Matching of vendors bills with purchase order
- Payment instructions drafting for the due payments
- Different drafting for credit and debit notes as well as the statement for the vendor accounts - Payables ageing analysis, segment analysis, etc.

Payroll Preparation

Ensure that payroll is properly calculated, tracked and released so the correct amounts for tax, company benefits and other deductions are withheld.

- Processing Payrolls with Net Pay Calculations
- Managing Employee Records

Financial Statements, Reporting & Analysis

Assessing a company's financial integrity through periodic statements, reporting and analysis.

- Preperation of Financial Statements
- Custom Reporting
- Detailed Financial Analysis
- Creation of Customized Report Templates
- Month on Month Tracking and Updates
- Preparation of Ageing Reports
- Vendors purchase history and price trends analysis

Benefits You Get with Us

Enhanced Savings

Enjoy at least 50% lower costs without compromising on the quality of accounting services with our team of industry specialists. Noticeably post-pandemic, it has been harder and more expensive to hire, train and manage staff that can provide the level of expertise that is needed especially in the early stages of business.

Real-time Updates

Track, monitor, and review your accounting processes and results on the go with our real-time updates. Cloud-backed systems improve the visibility and trust of your accounting systems to ensure sound decision-making.

Access Data Anywhere

Leverage the power of advanced cloud accounting technology and get access to all your financial metrics anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our data-driven processes provide predictive insights into what can work for your business.

Strategic Inputs Through Reporting

Optimise current and future operations with our in-depth assessment and recommendations that are derived from consistent reporting mechanisms. We adopt result-oriented strategies to better your company’s financial strategies.

Detect Bottlenecks and Errors Quickly

By having financial insight, you can easily see trends in your data and determine where the bottlenecks are within your organization. Being able to quickly identify these bottlenecks allows your organization to develop a plan of action to solve the problems effectively so they don’t affect your business long term.


Access best-in-class professionals with domain expertise at affordable prices who can spearhead your growth. They thoroughly assess your current operations to help you find the services and accounting solutions that are best suited for you.

Committed to
global standards.

Accredited with industry-standard certifications to best serve our clients.

Server Based (FTP) Bookkeeping Process

Application Service Providers

Remote Access Bookkeeping

360 Degree Malware Protection

We trust in the latest tools & technology

to provide global connectivity, and immersive access to real-time data and updates for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud accounting?

Traditionally, accounting was executed using software hosted locally on a desktop computer’s hard drive (e.g., QuickBooks desktop). Cloud accounting, on the other hand, is accounting that is executed using software that is hosted remotely on the cloud, i.e., online.

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

The cloud has disrupted and transformed many industries over the past several years, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently, cut costs, and amplify results.

What are the benefits of cloud accounting?

The cloud accounting software landscape covers multiple solutions to serve several accounting/bookkeeping functions.Although benefits will vary between solutions, on a general level, there are many benefits of cloud accounting applications. some of these are:

The ability for data to be accessed regardless of location or device.
The ability for data to be updated in real-time.
The ability to easily scale and meet growing business needs.
The ability to facilitate a paperless environment.
The ability to provide automatic updates. This will help to further improve the functionality of the application and better enforce security.
The ability to integrate with other cloud solutions. These integration capabilities will improve the efficiency and increase the power of your cloud accounting technology stack.

Is the cloud secure?

Each cloud accounting solution should have its own security policy outlining how it protects sensitive data. Most solutions use state-of-the-art measures such as multi-factor authentication and encryption, ensuring that sensitive data remains secure.

How can I make my business financially compliant and viable?

It depends. We will be happy to have a brief consultation to provide personalised financial advice for your new business, but as an overview, you need three things:

  1. A strategic plan
  2. Consistent accounting records
  3. Expert advice
How can I transition from in-house to outsourced accounting?

Transitions are tricky, but preparing your business to switch to an outsourced accountant does not have to be hard. You can take the following steps:
Assess if your financial partner is a good fit.
Plan and be sure to budget enough time.
Set goals.
Be mindful of potential obstacles.

What is the power of real-time, full-service accounting?

Full-service accounting allows your company to leverage the knowledge and expertise of a team of trained financial professionals who deliver actionable insights into your company’s financials.

What strategic inputs can I get?

There are two broad types of inputs:

  • Management Accounting: It provides the processes and procedures that create reports to aid management in strategic decision-making.
  • Management Reporting: It includes reports, KPIs, and scorecards used by management to monitor performance, track against plans, and make decisions to increase profitability.
How does better accounting affect my bottom line?

A great monthly accounting service will handle your profit and loss statements, monthly balance sheets, and regular account reconciliation to help you take back control of your finances without much effort on your part.

Many small and mid-sized businesses fail to measure and manage their finances adequately. If you don’t have good financial practices in place, your business could suffer in a number of ways. Some of these are:

Loss of revenue
Insufficient tax planning
Missed financial opportunities

What accounting system do you use?

We primarily use Xero, Zoho, Wave, and QuickBooks online. That being said, we can work with other systems or even in your network ecosystem through VDIs, depending on your preferences and needs.

What do I need to provide to you so that you can do your job?

To efficiently help you with your business goals, we require access to your source documents in electronic form. Common documents include but are not limited to:

  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Sales systems (pos)
  • Software (i.e., QuickBooks)
  • Inventory
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
How much does monthly accounting cost? What factors go into the pricing?

Pricing for our monthly accounting services varies according to your company’s needs. It is not based on the size of your company, but rather on your company’s accounting activity, frequency of updates and reporting, and the complexity of your financial statements.
We will work with you to arrive at an affordable, fixed monthly fee or ad hoc fee. These fees are all-inclusive. services provided include but are not limited to:
– Profit and loss statements
– Balance sheets
– Bank reconciliation

When should I consider outsourcing my accounting?

If your business is too small to hire an in-house accountant or you simply don’t have the desire to do it yourself, you should consider outsourcing the task. While there are many online tools available and used by many small business owners, the said software can be more complicated than first realised. By outsourcing your accounting, you free yourself to focus on other aspects of your business.

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