Business setup in India for a leading global logistics company

business management

Brivan helped the client identify an appropriate business structure and implemented various controls for better management.

Background of the case

Among our clients is a worldwide logistics company with operations in more than ten countries and a monthly order volume exceeding 3 million.

Problem & Undertakings

The client chose to set up its business operations in India after spending six months comprehending the legal system here. Brivan was given the task of assisting them in business management.

Approach & Solution

  • An appropriate structure was identified based on business requirements and operations.
  • The documentation and compliance management were done in accordance with the Indian legal framework.
  • Periodical reporting and reviewing mechanisms were established for the parent company for their business management.
  • A system of end-to-end financial management and local control was implemented in order to accelerate financial inclusion, thereby promoting economic wellbeing, prosperity, and sustainable development.


A holistic solution was developed by Brivan to help the client better understand business management and Indian law. Automated procedures were also implemented to support their operations.

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