Business planning and financial management for an electric transportation provider.

business management

Brivan helped the client build a centralised financial management system and successfully raise funds for business growth.

Background of the case

Founded in 2010, the client is a 100% subsidiary of a Swedish company that envisions an electric transportation solution for urban mobility that would be suitable for our daily lives. The vehicle would be somewhere between a conventional car and a scooter.

Problem & Undertakings

To maximise global electric vehicle adoption, the client provided sustainable vehicles built locally to boost energy and resource efficiency. The mission of the client was to develop and manufacture highly sustainable products that can be afforded by people from all over the world. Brivan was assigned the task of spearheading business planning, financial management, fundraising, and business structuring.

Approach & Solution

  • A team of specialists worked on their day-to-day accounting processes to establish a simplified internal financial system.
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of business planning were closely monitored by virtual CFOs daily.
  • Project reports were drafted regularly to assess the prospects related to the proposed plan.
  • Optimal conditions were created for investors, shareholders, and analysts that led to productive negotiations.


Brivan implemented a centralised financial management system and a cohesive structuring system in order to improve the business’ performance, efficiency, and returns. Brivan’s well-planned, comprehensive campaign and focused effort resulted in successful fundraising.

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