Anurag Awasthi

Partner, Investments Business, Brivan Consultants

I find myself focused on results with a genuine passion to provide effective solutions to the unique needs of businesses and clients.


I am an experienced paraplanner with more than 18 years of experience in the financial services industry. I am also a management professional with as many years of experience. I have excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills that have become stronger with continued engagements with the top management of various firms. My experience includes dealing and working with Cross-Financial Product, fixed income, treasury management, and corporate finance stemming from my having led multiple projects and teams in the said fields.

Brivan Consultants and Group Companies

I joined Brivan as a Partner in the Investments division in 2019. I am knowledgeable about investments, Indian mutual funds, bonds, fixed income, and alternate asset classes like hedge funds and structured products. Being an avid follower of the stock market adds to my sharpness as an investment advisor in fundraising, asset management, wealth management, and private banking. I manage total AUM worthnearly 200 million USD as  per the latest evaluation in 2021.

Previous Experience

Before joining as a partner at Brivan Consultants, I worked for a domestic merchant banking firm, namely, RR Financial Consultants Limited, for nearly sixteenyears and “then I worked for” / “prior to that, I worked for” ICICI Bank Limited for 2 years. Experienced in conceptualization, creation, and fundraising of new products within the investment landscape, I am adept at identifying gaps in existing processes, measuring and analysing data or processes to bridge gaps and enhance productivity. I have led teams that scaledrevenue growth and cost optimisation in addition to those that carried out portfolio transformation initiatives. I have helped businesses achieve 3-digit growth figures. In my last assignment at RR Financial Consultants, I was managing a total AUM of nearly 800 million USD.


  • Debt Capital Market
  • Consulting
  • Risk Management & Control
  • Capital Management
  • Foreign Taxation

Services Covered

  • Assurance & Business Advisory
  • Transaction Services
  • Wealth Management

I find myself focused on results with a genuine passion to provide effective solutions to the unique needs of businesses and clients.”


Anurag Awasthi

Co-Founder, Partner


Treasury Management and Wealth Management