Accounts Receivable & Payable

Cash flow management is consuming excessive bandwidth

Brivan’s experts help your organisation optimise collection activities while reducing risks and bad debt exposure. We also help you streamline your billing processes and support you in comprehensively evaluating the creditworthiness of your prospects.

Constraints organizations usually face are

Lengthy process
Lack of insights
Bandwidth consumption
High error rates

Service Areas

Regular System Update

Improving operational efficiency through streamlined receivable processes and regular updates.

- Invoice creations as per the products/service delivery and estimates
- Invoice update onto the systems
- Updating advances in addition to receipts against credit sales, etc.


Ensuring the accuracy of accounting records and mitigating risks about compliances, frauds, assets, etc.

- Preparation of account statements and updating clients for reconciliation
- Updating clients/touch points for differences in the reconciliation of records in account statements.

Resolving Issues

Keeping track of all accounts receivable issues and actively working to find timely yet practical solutions.

- Regular correspondence for receivables collection
- Dealing with the incomplete payments by raising appropriate queries


Implementing a regular reporting mechanism for thorough analysis and sound decision-making.

- Various accounts receivable analyses such as ageing analysis, business segment analysis, customer area analysis etc.
- Cash flow prediction based on outstanding receivables

Service Areas

Regular System Update

Improving operational efficiency through streamlined payable processes and regular updates.

- Accounting system updates based on the purchase order, bills and goods receipt notes
- Vendors bills posting onto the accounting system


Ensuring the accuracy of accounting records and mitigating risks about compliances, frauds, assets, etc.

- Vendor account statement reunion
- Matching of vendors' bills with a purchase order
- Payment instructions drafting for the due payments
- Different drafting for credit and debit notes as well as the statement for the vendor accounts

Resolving Issues

Keeping track of all accounts payable issues and actively working to find timely yet practical solutions.

- Unauthorized or non-budgeted purchase orders
- Unauthorized receipt of services/goods
- Non-receipt of services/goods against vendors invoices

Analysis & Reporting

Implementing a regular reporting mechanism for thorough analysis and sound decision-making.

- Timely reporting for outstanding PO commitments, the unpaid amount of supplies etc.
- Payables ageing analysis, segment analysis, etc.
- Vendors' purchase history and price trends analysis

Benefits You Get with Us

Enhanced Savings

Boost your profitability and productivity by outsourcing accounts payable and receivable to our experienced team. You reduce and get affordable, high-quality services that deliver tangible results without the need to invest in training your accounting staff.

Improved Capital Efficiency

Achieve long-term sustainability and make better capital allocation decisions by taking a strategic approach to your accounts payable and receivable management. Our team identifies the right course of action and helps you adopt best practices.

Better Controls

Implement better internal controls and practices to ensure the accuracy of financial data with our team of experts. By creating a system of checks and balances, we mitigate potential risks and help you fulfil compliance requirements.

Improved Processes

Promote efficiency across your accounting systems by implementing better tools and procedures as guided by our professionals. We evaluate your processes and identify ways that will help you function at optimum levels.

Systematic Follow-ups

Stay informed about all your accounting tasks and progress with our dedicated team that emphasizes consistent follow-ups. We communicate with you regularly so that all stakeholders are up-to-date and on the same page.

Effective Analysis and Insights

Access detailed, independent assessments of your accounts payable and receivable by partnering with us. Our strategic insights are data-driven, ensuring reliable and sound decision-making at every step of the process.

Committed to
global standards.

Accredited with industry-standard certifications to best serve our clients.

Server Based (FTP) Bookkeeping Process

Application Service Providers

Remote Access Bookkeeping

360 Degree Malware Protection

We trust in the latest tools & technology

to provide global connectivity, and immersive access to real-time data and updates for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my accounts receivable functions?

Most businesses outsource their AR/AP function to overcome staffing shortages, build scalable teams, reduce the cost of operations, optimise processes and improve the service quality. Nowadays, businesses also leverage the expertise of AR/AP service providers to accelerate their finance and accounting transformation.

What are the main benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable?

Streamlines processes: When you partner with a specialist, you’ll get a dedicated finance and accounting team to take care of all your AR-related needs and streamline the entire process for enhanced accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency.

Decreases administrative costs: Maintaining in-house staff for the accounts receivable process involves hiring, training, and maintaining staff, which can get expensive. Furthermore, additional expenses are related to IT infrastructure, equipment, and office supplies. A specialist can enable your business to avoid these administrative costs and shift the focus to more value-added functions.

Integrates the collection system: An experienced specialist partner knows how to effectively integrate the billing and payment collection process, which, in turn, enables spend management and minimises problems caused by overdue accounts.

What data security measures should I expect from a specialist partner?
  • Compliance with geography-specific standards such as GDPR.
  • High data security standards comply with standards like ISO 27001.
  • Brivan has both the above certifications along with ISO 9001.
  • These standards will ensure that most security loopholes are plugged and will include:
    Security against potential data breach.
    Enterprise access system for employees.
    Secure remote access (VPN).
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for employees.
  • All employees are trained in data protection and security awareness.
  • 24*7 monitoring of work premises.
  • Anti-virus protection and backup drive managers for workstations.
  • Enterprise-level malware protection at gateway and email server.
Does a business have to be of a specific size to outsource the AR/AP function?

The size of a business is not a prerequisite for outsourcing finance and accounting functions. Businesses of any size, be it small, medium, or large, can take advantage of the outsourcing model. SMEs, especially, can gain significant benefits from outsourcing their AR/AP processes.

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